Eric + Naomi – Married | Napa, CA

Easy going, full of laughter, and passionate about what they do — Eric & Naomi are exactly the type of couple that we love being around. Eric is a Napa area wine-maker and Naomi owns the cutest little bookshop in downtown Napa (next time you’re in town you have to stop in!). Together they have a completely infectious energy and joy that breaks through often in what can only be described as completely unbridled eruptions of laughter (as you’ll see evidenced in many of the moments from their day). It is so awesome. Every detail of their day was so lovingly assembled around friends, family and the things that they are passionate about. We can’t help but feel overwhelmed with joy ourselves on days like this when two amazing people come together in such a meaningful celebration. Congrats to these two again–we hope you enjoy these moments from their day!

Mike + Lauren – Married | Kansas City, KS

One thing that we love about our job is that it allows us to get to know so many awesome couples. And sometimes, as with Mike & Lauren, we are lucky enough to have those relationships turn into deep and lasting friendships. As that friendship has grown it’s been easy to see that the more Mike and Lauren are together the more goodness and beauty comes out every endeavor they embark on together. This was so evident throughout their wedding day, as we witnessed the myriad beautiful ways in which they enrich and bless their families and loved ones. So many people came around them in gratitude, joy and celebration on this day and it reminded us why we love what we do, and how lucky we are to experience and capture moments like this.

Thank you so much also to Jewel Anderson, who contributed her awesome talents to helping capture this day. You’ll see some of her beautiful work in the post below. This was such a love-filled and inspiring day, and we are so excited to share this truly special wedding day with you. Enjoy!

(Oh ya, and Mike just happens to be an amazing cinematographer and wedding storyteller!)

Preeti + Karan – Wedding | St. Louis, MO

We are so glad Preeti & Karan invited us to travel out to be with them for their amazing wedding weekend in St. Louis, MO. This was one of the most colorful, energetic and joy-filled celebrations we’ve had the opportunity to document, and almost every moment was filled with some sort of dancing, laughter or joyous celebration. We were also lucky enough to be there to capture their Sangeet celebration the night before the wedding (which we’ve already shared here on the blog). We had so much fun with these two and their families and we’re so excited to share some of our favorite moments from this beautiful wedding day itself! Enjoy!

Seth + Caroline – Engaged | Redwood National Park, CA

Caroline & Seth came together from opposite sides of the continent in order to meet us in the heart of the California Redwood Coast for their engagement session. We had a great time tromping off into the towering forest and exploring some of the misty and almost deserted North coast beaches together. Their laughter and ease made it so much fun to be with them and also shines through in all of the images from this super fun afternoon! And, we love it when our couples get creative and ask us to meet them in unique and special places for their engagement sessions and weddings!! Here are a few of our favorites–we hope you enjoy!

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